The dangers of salt and sugar — and how to protect yourself

We have been indulging ourselves with the great tasting foods around us without minding its health consequences. Foods in restaurants are stuff with more sugar and salt to make it taste more better You must take action on how you can prevent too much sugar and salt intake as these two can very well damage your body.

The dangers of salt and sugar — and how to protect yourself
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Sugars contain no nutrient at all. Too much sugar intake will increase your blood sugar level that will result to various health problems such as diabetes. While too much salt can damage the kidneys. Below are ways how to lessen your sugar and salt consumption.

Simple tips for cutting back on your sugar and salt.

Dine less at restaurants. Restaurants offer foods that are stuffed with too much salt and sugar to make their dishes tasteful. Better cook your own dish and have a nice good meal at home.

Avoid sugary foods. Sugary foods contain all artificial sugar that is really bad for your health and can make you overweight. Foods such as cakes, donuts, ice creams, chocolates, and many more must be avoided.

Drink fewer soft drinks and other forms of colas. Soft drinks contain a high amount of sugar to overcome its acidity. Better avoid colas at all cost and switch to more natural products such as low calorie and less sugar drinks. Also, avoid synthetic fruit drinks. Fruit drinks contain syrup, which can make your blood sugar rise dramatically. Choose only the natural fruit drinks that can be acquired from natural fruits itself.

Use iodized salt in cooking. Iodized salt has an adverse effect on the body than your regular salt.

Make a habit of not adding extra salt to your meals. Try other alternatives like pepper, which cause less health damage. The more you do this, the more you get used to eating without salt.

Don’t munch too much junk foods. Junk foods like chips are high in salt and msg (monosodium glutamate). Consuming a lot of junk foods is bad for your health.

Check all labels of your food products. The recommended daily allowance for salt is only 6 grams. If the label contains more, then you must avoid it and buy other products. Use the same observance in checking the sugar contents of any food products you love.

Eat wholegrain cereals in breakfast, it can help lessen your sugar intake plus it is good for the heart because of its fiber content.

Control your cravings for sugar and salt. Sometimes cravings are mind games. If you can control your craving, then you can manage your health.

Cut down slowly. Take less sugar and salt one at a time. Your body might not used to kind of foods that you are consuming without the usual sugar and salt into it and might have a reverse effect on your body’s chemistry.

There you go. Cutting back in salt and sugar has many health benefits, and you must start this regimen now. A low sugar, a low-calorie diet is your way to a fit, sexy, and natural and healthy body.

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