10 Most Important Things To Know About Wine

Wine is healthy in moderation

Wine is healthy in moderation
Red wine in crystal stemless glass with wooden heart shaped bowl filled with Muscadine grapes on burned wooden background.

Scientists recommend a daily intake of two wine glasses for men and one for women because wine has powerful antioxidants that can fight the scavenging free radicals in your bloodstream, responsible for oxidative stress.

Wine is also a social enhancer and a mood-booster, and that’s healthy as well, but be mindful. Abusing alcohol can be terrible for your health, and under no circumstance should you drink wine while pregnant or lactating; despite what everyone says, it’s not safe.

Wine has a sense of place

Unlike any other drink on the planet, wine tastes a certain way depending on the soil, the climate, and the altitude of the place where the grapes were grown; this is what the French call terroir, and it’s a pretty cool thing.

Experienced tasters can tell you the provenance of wine using their senses. The mouthfeel, flavors, and aroma are like a fingerprint you can trace back to a specific country, region, and vineyard.

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