10 Most Important Things To Know About Wine

Wine goes great with food

Pairing wine and food is an art form, and the right combination can make both parts much more enjoyable. There are some general guidelines for food and wine pairing, including pairing bold reds with red meat and light whites with white fish, but pairings are more open to creativity than you think.

Experimenting is key for finding successful pairings, and what works for you might not work for someone else. We all have different tastes, so pair your favorite wine with your favorite food, and you’ll be fine.

Wine is not meant to be aged

Wine is not meant to be aged

We’ve all seen the fancy dim-lit cellars, and we’ve heard about the very old wine bottles and all the pleasure they give, but in reality, only 1% of the wine made is meant to be aged.

Most wines, white and red, are better enjoyed within the first three years, and very few evolve after that. Of course, that 1% comprises some of the most collectible and exquisite wines on the planet.

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