The Gross Reason You Should Never Pepper Your Food in Restaurants

What Do You Think Is The Dirtiest Thing In Any Restaurant?

The first thing that would likely come to your mind when you think of the dirtiest thing you could find at the restaurant is anything in the bathroom. However, you would be surprised to know that in most reputable restaurants and chains, there is the janitorial staff that does come in to clean the bathrooms fairly often. And besides a toilet seat is not as dirty as you would think. Especially if those using the toilet in a restaurant bathroom put the disposable coverings on the seat before using it. Therefore, the bathroom really is not the dirtiest place and has the dirtiest things in the restaurant. Especially if the janitorial staff cleans the soap pumps often.

Therefore, since you just learned that the dirtiest thing in the restaurant is not in the bathroom, where could it possibly be? Well, it is on your table. And if you are thinking about the menus, then you are right. The menu is the dirtiest item on the table which harbors around 185,000 bacteria which has the biggest gross factor in a restaurant. But the thing is, the menu does not stay on your table for the entire time you are there. You take the menu, you look at what is there to order, and then the wait staff takes it back.

The dirtiest thing on your table is placed right there for the entire time you are staying to eat a meal. That is the pepper shaker. You would be horrified to learn about how bacteria-ridden the pepper shaker is on the table. That is because even though the menus are dirtier, they still hold bacteria that is not a lot lower in count than the menus.

You have no idea how many people are touching those pepper, and salt shakers at your table. And the wait staff does not wipe them down after each customer leaves the restaurant. That is because they don’t see the need for it until the shakers become dingy and dirty looking. Unfortunately, restaurants often overlook how clean a restaurant really is until something that needs desperate cleaning appears dirty. That does definitely go for those shakers at your table.

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